History of the company

PJSC FANPLIT , which in 2013 celebrated 105 years – one of the oldest enterprises in the city of Kiev.

In 1908 the brothers Goebel, included in corporation with Sugar, decided to build on the left bank of the Dnieper, near Kiev plywood plant. The plant was commissioned in December 1909. Then it was found 2 SHELLING machine, size press, three steam boilers and steam engines.


The plant’s products are mainly intended for packing sugar. Plywood made soggy hot-on protein adhesives. Worked at the plant had about 500 people. The total num
ber of employees at 01.01.1940 totaled 758 people. Up to 50% of production was exported.

At the beginning of the Second World War the plant, for the army, produces sham tanks
In late 1943, during the liberation Darnitsya, during the retreat of the Germans, the factory was destroyed and burned.

In order to ensure national economy of Ukraine plywood products, solutions USSR State Defense Committee was requested to restore Darnitskiy plywood plant. Restoring the factory was conducted from 1944 to 1948.
From year to year the plant increased its issuance volumes of plywood. In 1950 it amounted to 10,000 m3.
In 1958, construction was completed on a new building for the production of Blockboards with a design capacity of 10,000 m3, which will increase its production to 11,000 m3. Blockboard produced until 1972, and subsequently retrained on manufacturing shop gnutokleenyh details.

In order to improve product quality and increase the volume of its production, the company is constantly reconstructed, introducing new domestic and imported technology, introduce new production sites.
One of the main achievements was the development of the production of fiberboard (hardboard) brand PST (MENDE-MDF) dry continuous production method based on the equipment on technology of firm “Bison-Werke” (Germany). Fibreboard (MDF) are intended for use in construction furniture designs, protected from moisture.

Now for the automatic production of technological systems for the functional system of monitoring and control of production processes.
Compliance technologies provided by a foreign manufacturer, and application of automatic and semi-automatic equipment, minimizing the influence of the human factor in the manufacture of products.

Also plant is important by making plywood for the consumer and for export. Plywood is an indispensable component in the furniture, construction and engineering industry, in the manufacture of joinery and container.

Quality indicators of fibreboard and plywood controlled by accredited measurement laboratory production enterprise.
The plant manufactures products for both the domestic market and for export. For many years, PJSC FANPLIT _ exports its products to many countries and foreign countries such as the UK, Germany, Belgium, Spain, Poland, Turkey, Syria, Jordan, Russia, Moldova, Georgia and other countries. From the composition of plant products exported by rail and road, and from the ports of Odessa Iljichiovsk – by sea.
The company is located in the city at the intersection of highways, cooperates with the Ukrainian railway (have access track).

Besides the main production plants, the company has a repair shop service, its own boiler room, working section of laser technology, where highly skilled craftsmen make artistic products of wood and plywood. The enterprise has been successfully working section for the production of furniture for individual orders, for the consumer.

Much attention is paid to the creation of the social sphere: work clinic, shop, dining room, in the shops, there are lounges. It is particularly important that the company provides housing for their employees.
In order to promote their products PJSC FANPLIT _ demonstrates its many exhibitions and competitions. The high quality of products is evidenced by numerous prestigious awards. So, for the production of competitive high-quality products that are in demand in the consumer market of Ukraine, for a significant contribution to the development of standardization, metrology and certification in 2002. The company was awarded the diploma of the Ukrainian Centre for Standardization and Metrology, and Merit Committee of the European Quality Week in Ukraine-2002 .


In 2001, the International open rating Golden Fortune” PJSC FANPLIT _ was awarded a diploma and a silver Stella.
In 2002, the Ministry of Industrial Policy of Ukraine recognized PJSC FANPLIT _ winner of the first All-Ukrainian exhibition-rated Best Domestic manufacturer-2002.”


In 2004, fibreboard type S

T-40 and plywood brand MR (interior) on the results of tests and production estimates found the highest level of quality products, installed programs Kiev quality.” The company also received a diploma finalist of the quality of goods (works, services) “100 best goods of Ukraine-2004” in the category “Products for industrial purposes”.