Fiberboard (MDF)

The main purpose of fiberboard

Fiberboard ( hardboard ) intended for use in building and furniture designs, protected from moisture, especially residential low-rise construction, for fencing and trim, at least in the art, for example, as a basis for oil paintings. Often you can find as the rear wall of cabinet furniture

(wardrobes, cabinets, etc.) or the bottom ( drawers, boxes sofas and beds. Also well suited for the manufacture of shells speakers, since it is cheap to manufacture, has a homogeneous structure and can be easily processed . and used for the production of various packaging boxes for gifts and others…

Composition fibreboard

Hardboard medium density ( MDF-Medium Density Fibreboard) – fabricated by dry pressing of fine wood chips at high pressure and temperature. As the binder used include urea resins, modified melamine. This provides a very low formaldehyde emission comparable to the emission of natural wood.


In fiberboard production process can impart special properties, fire resistance, biostability, waterproof. Fiberboard deprived of many shortcomings, in particular it does not emit hazardous substances. Further, the strength of MDF in 1.8-2 times higher than the strength of chipboards .

Density ranges: – from 600 kg / m ³ to 800 kg / m ³.